Waterproof LED Mosquito Killer Lamp

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Product Details

Make your home mosquitoes and other insects safe with LED Mosquito Killer Lamp. It uses innovative technology to kill Hornets, Bees, Moths, Flies, Silverfish and Mosquitoes and help you stay hygienic for a healthy living.

The unique design makes it convenient for indoor as well as outdoor usage. The device is energy efficient and uses no radiation or chemicals, hence, safe around children.

The USB cable attached to the LED Mosquito Killer Lamp can be connected to the power bank, your laptop and to the sockets as well. You can even carry it in your car when travelling long routes and connect it to the USB port provided in your car.

This UV light lamp catches the bugs and kills them without making much noise. You would not even know that it’s working.

Connect in your garden or in your kid’s room, you can feel at ease when your loved ones are safe from the insect’s bites around the house. There are five designs available with us.