Organic Breast Enhancement Oil

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Proven to naturally enlarge, firm and lift breasts quickly with no side effects, this Organic Breast Enhancement Oil uses natural oil extracts to penetrate the skin and stimulate blood flow.

This accelerates tissue expansion and promotes the growth and longevity of new cells. This product smoothes, softens and heals skin, and plumps and tightens mammary tissue.

It is easy to use ! All you need is 5 drops of the essential oil twice a day. Massage into the skin until it is completely absorbed.

Be advised that pregnant women should use with caution. The product is to be placed out of the reach of children and an allergy test should be done before use.


- Organic herbs penetrate and activate quickly to stimulate blood flow.

- Accelerate tissue expansion and promote the growth and longevity of new cells.

- Smoothes, softens and heals the skin.

- Hydrating oils + herbs naturally firm, tone and enlarge your curves.

- Lifts, diminishes stretch marks and moisturizes.

- Handcrafted in micro-batches for potency and concentration. 


- The first step, wash the chest with hot water, water temperature slightly higher on accelerated thymus tissue blood circulation, after drying, 10 drops -13 drops in the palm of your hand (chest) to the thumb side, the other four fingers folded to one side, tiger's mouth open, from the outside on both sides of the chest to the central thrust.

- The second step, hand to maintain the same shape, starting from the left chest, the left hand from the outside of the left breast to central push, push to the central and the right hand left under the left breast milk will try to push, With two hands pushing the left breast, repeat 30 times, change the right breast, this action will enhance the chest.

- The third step, hand cranked into a hood shaped, five fingers slightly apart, can cover the breast appearance, slightly bent, hands over the breast from the bottom (not lower) to the nipple direction do the pulling action.

- The fourth step: hands around the breast to do circular massage, massage to the chest on the left all of the essential oils absorb dry so far.


- Pregnant women with caution.

- Keep out of the reach of children.

- Please do allergy test before use.