Beard Shaving Apron for Men

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Product Details

It is similar to the bib that infants wrap around their neck, however, for altogether different purpose. Shaving becomes a tedious task when rushing for the office in the morning.

So, why not turn this experience into a hassle-free routine with Beard Shaving Apron. These are larger in comparison to the bibs. One end fastens around the neck and the other has the suction cups that attach to the mirror or the tiles of the bathroom.

While you shave, the hair clippings are parked in the apron, leaving your shirt and countertop clean as before. You will not have to worry about stray hairs on your soap or toothbrush.

Once you are done, simply take off the Beard Shaving Apron and dispose the hair in the trash and walk out. The fabric is made of polyester and is easy to fold. Just put in the drawer after every use. It is also washable and easy to clean.