Luxury Magnetic Face Mask

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Product Details

Want clearer, healthier and more radiant skin? Then look no further than the Magnetic Face Mask

The face mask is made using vitamin rich mud from the Dead Sea, as well as other traditional face mask ingredients, all of which work together to give smoother and more radiant skin. The ingredients also help enhance the skin's ability to heal itself and restore the function of aging skin cells. 


Top Face Mask Formula:

How to use Magnetic Face Mask:

1- After face wash, put on some of the mask content on the spatula.

2- Apply the mask evenly on the face except for the parts around the eyes and mouth.

3- Once finishing applying, wait for 10 minutes until the product is completely absorbed on the face.

4- Put on the plastic cover on the head of magnetic cleaner.

5- Slowly remove the mask by moving the magnetic cleaner on the face with 0.5 cm distance. (Remove the mud remains by changing the cover if necessary)

6- After the mask is completely removed, touch the face with the hands to absorb the essence.

Special Note:

  • 1, must use a small spoon smear mask, can not use the hand directly coated (because the mask mud must use the magnet to suck down, wash directly wash away)

  • 2, be sure to use a little thick side of the paper or plastic paper wrapped in a small magnet and then clean the mask mud (because the mask mud directly stick on the magnet is also difficult to take down)

  • 3, the mud will be attracted by the mask mud will be swept out of the magnet and the skin itself will become very clean. Mask mud itself contains a variety of skin care minerals and magnetism will be positive and negative opposite sex.


  • 1X Magnetic Face mask 100g

  • 1X spatula

  • 1X Magnet