Manual Lemon Squeezer For Bottles

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Product Details

Pace up your every morning with trendy and easy to use Lemon Squeezer For Bottles to get the fresh fruit juice on the breakfast table. Start your day with a healthy lifestyle and say no to the packaged juices.

No plugging of wires or cleaning the huge jars to get the fresh juice every morning. With this item, you can fill your bottles or jars directly with the goodness of fresh juice.

From fruit to your glass, the juice will fill in matter of minutes. To use Lemon Squeezer For Bottles, place the squeezer on the bottle or over the glass. Cut the lemon or orange in halves and place the center of the fruit cut in half, upside down on the tip of the squeezer.

Now press it hard rotating in the circular motion. The juice will fall right inside your jar. The sleek nozzle at the bottom of the squeezer is provided to avoid spills and to fit in even the narrowest top.

Clean it with soft sponge with few drops of detergent. You can also dump it in the dishwasher. Let it dry on a clean top and it would be ready to use again.