Painless Wax Beans are the Next Beauty Staple

Painless Wax Beans are the Next Beauty Staple

Wax Beans are Different

Wax beans are an excellent alternative to those who don’t like constant shaving, tweezing, or waxing with strips. These types of beans have become one of the biggest products in today’s beauty trends. The wax is much gentler on skin compared to traditional waxes and comes off easier. A roller head can be used to apply the wax in thin layers that come off cleanly with no residue. It’s convenient and less painful on skin, making it a modern beauty staple.

Why Wax Beans are Perfect for You

No matter the skin type, wax beans are an excellent method of modern hair removal. They are blended with moisturizing cocoa butter, which is excellent for dry skin. With minimal pain, the beans are perfect for those who have sensitive skin or a low-pain threshold. The entire wax application comes off in one piece once solidified, meaning that entire patches of hair can be removed from large areas with contours and shapes that traditional wax strips can’t reach.

Best of all, they are perfect for multiple hair types, including:
  • Course hair
  • Thin Hair
  • Hair of every color
  • Short and long hairs

How Hard wax Work?

Like hard wax, wax beans can be melted easily in the microwave or a warmer. Once they reach a heat consistency comfortable for skin, they can be applied in thin strips with a roller applicator in the direction of the hair growth. Once removed in a single, quick motion, your skin should be free of hairs with minimal pain. Wax beans are perfect for all areas, including the face, bikini area, underarms, legs, upper and lower lips, etc.

For a cleaner, less painful, and hygienic mode of removing unwanted hair, consider wax beans. These wildly popular morsels are excellent for all hair types and areas.